September 2019

Welcome Back!

Dear Families,

Welcome to the 2019–2020 school year (our 47th year) at Zion’s Hill Preschool Program! We hope everyone had an amazingly memorable summer and we are excited to hear about your adventures.

The teachers and staff can’t wait to greet you on the playgrounds Tuesday and Wednesday, August 27 and 28. We’ve missed you so! Meet the Teacher Days will be followed by Orientation on Thursday and Friday, when we will share information about the classroom, curriculum, and daily routines. During Orientation, there will be a special photo opportunity to commemorate these first days of preschool … bring your cameras!

We have been busy readying the school and classrooms. Several teachers moved rooms and are excited to show off their new spaces and environments. Each cubby and cabinet has been scrubbed, each name tag hung, and the playgrounds have been groomed and are newly mulched.

We are also thrilled to welcome some familiar faces to our staff. Former ZHPP parent Liz Kaliski will be supporting each classroom as a Floater, and you will also see Miss Kristen (Pierson) from time to time this fall before she moves (we will be giving her a proper ZHPP send off… details to come!). Welcome aboard, Miss Liz!

We invite and encourage parents, grandparents, and caregivers to spend time in the classrooms and volunteer when your schedule permits over the course of the year. Zion’s Hill Preschool Program is such a special community, in no small part because of our wonderful families and the bonds forged through daily interactions, social gatherings, play dates, and the camaraderie that forms when swapping parenting stories and tips. This is your school, and we are committed to ensuring that ZHPP provides the BEST experience for each child and family that enters our doors.

ZHPP is off to a wonderful fresh start, and I confidently speak for all of our staff in relaying how truly honored we are to be a part of your child’s journey. Let the learning—and FUN—begin!




Mommy and Me
A seven-week Mommy and Me class begins Wednesday, October 2, after drop-off, featuring Zion’s Hill’s FABULOUS music and yoga instructor, Miss JoAnne! The class is geared to future Two’s (6–18 months) and will offer movement and music through songs, puppet play, poems, dramatics, freeze dance, and other activities to foster creative expression and exercise.

New Family Mentoring
Our first ever ZHPP New Family Mentoring Program is underway! The program is an opportunity for current families to welcome and introduce new and second year families to our wonderful community. Whether it is a play date, a family bbq, or a parents-only gathering for coffee, the New Family Mentoring Program provides casual opportunities to get to know existing families and make new friends.

We are currently welcoming mentors and mentees. If you are a seasoned ZHPP parent, we encourage you to help guide a new family and answer their questions as they transition into the school year. If you are new to Zion’s Hill and would like to be paired with a mentor, please contact Brenda or Jessica in the office.

Wilton Sports and Fitness Play Date
Come join us for a play date at Wilton Sports and Fitness, an indoor, family-friendly gym, where ZHPP students and their siblings can have fun and burn some energy. Our first school-wide play date will take place Sunday, September 22, from 9:30–11:30. Admission is $10 per child.

Swap Meet
Save the afternoon of Saturday, October 19, for a ZHPP Swap Meet! How many of us have one or more of these: a pristine Patagonia your child outgrew, a doll cradle no one plays with, a board game that hasn’t been opened, a skateboard your child begged for and used twice? Let’s get together and trade our amazing goods for kids ages 2–6. Details will follow, but start setting aside up to 20 items and get excited to bring new goodies home!


Extended Programming

Early Bird
This offering allows parents to drop off their child at 8 or 8:30am, before the start of our core program. All children attending Early Bird will meet in the same assigned classroom and enjoy relaxed, age-appropriate activities. Parents are welcome to send breakfast for their child. At 8:55, the children will be escorted to their regular classrooms by staff. Early Bird begins September 9.

Afternoon Adventures
Our wonderful extended day programs for the Three’s, Four’s, and Five’s are designed so your child can learn, play, and explore a new skill in a caring and nurturing environment. Afternoon Adventures include a short rest, focused instruction from our teachers, snack, and playground time. Each program runs from 12:30–3.

Choose the day or days that appeal to your budding adventurer:
Monday – Games and Gadgets
Tuesday – Building and Design
Wednesday – Spanish Language
Thursday – Kids’ Kitchen
Friday – Fun with Fitness

Extensions for Two’s
Extended day options are available for our Two’s as well, with less emphasis on focused instruction and more time for rest and free play. Extensions also include snack and playground time, and run from 12:30–3. Extensions for Two’s start the week of September 16.

Drop-in Days for Four’s
ZHPP will be offering a Monday drop-in. For our 4′s currently enrolled Tuesday to Friday, students can drop-in for extra learning, play, and socialization on Mondays in Miss Tracey’s class. Spaces are limited, and advanced notice is kindly requested. The cost is $50 per day, 9–12:30. Please stop by the office to sign up.



Tuition Payments
ZHPP does not send invoices for tuition. Please remit your payment to the office on or before the due date.

Please be sure to notify the office and your child’s teacher if someone other than you will be picking up your child. We will also check the driver’s license or another form of ID when alternative pick-up arrangements are made.

Parking Lot Safety
Please use extreme caution when driving and walking in the parking lot—many little bodies are underfoot and can be difficult to see! Hold your child’s hand. We recommend entering through the lower driveway and exiting from the upper driveway during the busy drop-off and pick-up times.

ZHPP Is an Allergy-Aware Environment
We ask that parents be aware of the foods that they send in children’s lunches. We do not allow peanut butter, nuts, or foods containing nuts. We will send home any products that state on the label that it comes from a plant that processes nuts. In addition, we send home food that looks like it contains nuts.


Fall Parent Social: Save the Date!

Fall parent social