Special Events

special-events[intro]Zion’s Hill Preschool Program strongly encourages family interaction and inclusion.[/intro]Understanding that every family is busy, we provide many options for involvement in school activities. There are annual events that parents and families can participate in throughout the school year.

Our special events are a part of our annual planning year to year so each child in the family may participate in these memorable activities. Our school community has always been very supportive of our school activities.

  • Family Fun Day is scheduled in early fall each year. We organize this event to allow our families an opportunity to get to know each other and enjoy a fun-filled afternoon with new friends. The activities are similar to a backyard carnival: face painting, balloon toss, tug of war, badminton, treasure hunts, donuts on a string, bean bag toss, and musical entertainment.
  • Children’s Parades include Halloween, Chinese New Year, and celebrating children.
  • We celebrate the National Week of the Young Child and each year we plan activities, including providing family education, community awareness of early childhood education, and a special event or activity for the children.
  • The coveted Bike Day for the Four’s and Five’s is scheduled in May. The children bring their bikes to school and ride around and around the cordoned-off parking lot with their friends. This has become a special moving up event.
  • Our Mini-Marathon has each class group running their age in laps around the parking lot. The children run for fun with friends and receive accolades for efforts and energy from teachers and families in attendance. This is a May event.
  • We march in the Wilton Memorial Day Parade, inviting any veterans or active duty family members to participate. This event gives our families the opportunity to celebrate this all-American holiday with an extra-special commitment. The children dress colorfully and carry our nation’s flag with youthful pride.