ZHPP Board

  • On behalf of the Board of Directors, welcome to Zion’s Hill Preschool Program!

    The board is a group of dedicated parent volunteers who use their skills, talents, and experience to make Zion’s Hill the best preschool that it can be. Parents join the Board for various reasons – to be more involved in the school’s community, to better understand their child’s pre-school education, to give back to the school for all it does for their kids, etc. We meet monthly to plan programs and activities for the school, set policies, address concerns and suggestions from parents and staff, review the budget, and ensure delivery of our mission statement.

    Although this year will look quite different from years past, the board’s aim to represent the interests of the entire school community – children, families, and staff – will remain the same. We welcome your feedback and encourage you to share your ideas with the board throughout the year.


    Gina Chute and Sarah Rhee
    Co-Chairwomen 2020–2021

  • 2020-2021 ZHPP Board of Directors (Slate):

    • Co-Chairpersons: Gina Chute, Sarah Rhee
    • 1st Vice Chair: Sarah Rondeau
    • 2nd Vice Chair: Yanina Dushyeko (Ponomarev)
    • Secretary: OPEN
    • Treasurer: Dan Mack
    • Fundraising: Kelli McGee, Melissa Fensterstock, Karen Kupinse
    • Social: Liz Shah, Shana Hechler
    • Communications: Cynthia Qiu, Jennifer Schiller, McKenzie Johnson
    • Hospitality: Laura Barrett
    • Parent-at-Large: Caroline Gulati
    • Staff Representative: Louise Kaczmarek
    • Advisory Members: Liz Brown, Debbie O’Malley
  • Executive Committee

    The Chairperson serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Zion’s Hill Preschool. The Chair oversees Board meetings, and appoints and serves on committees. S/he oversees legal matters for the school, establishes personnel procedures, works with the Director to ensure smooth school operations, and facilitates open communication between the Board, staff, and families.

    Vice Chair (First)
    The First Vice Chair works with the school Director and Board Chair(s) to organize and facilitate the following events: Open House, Prospective/New Family Play Dates and Tours, Registration and Summer Camp.

    Vice Chair (Second)
    The Second Vice Chair position supports the Chair(s) with special projects and as needed during the year. Primary responsibilities include coordinating and maintaining communication with the classroom representatives, planning the Fall and Spring Family Fun Days, and working with the Director to coordinate Friends and Family week.

    The Secretary records and distributes the minutes of every meeting of the Board of Directors and Executive Committee. S/he also prepares a packet of information for each Director for distribution at the June turnover meeting. Other duties include notifying the Board of meetings and posting any notices.

    The Treasurer is responsible for preparing and maintaining the annual budget and provides updates and tracking on a regular basis throughout the year. S/he also delivers the weekly deposit to the bank and performs other finance-related duties, as needed.



    Assistant Treasurer
    The Assistant Treasurer works with the Treasurer on budget preparation, tuition comparison to other local preschools, as well as other finance activities. In the absence of the Treasurer, the Assistant Treasurer assumes the full duties of that office.

    Buildings & Grounds
    The Buildings & Grounds chairperson is responsible for organizing and soliciting help for “Clean Up Days” in the fall and spring. S/he acts as a liaison for outside contractors to address maintenance needed by ZHPP, and keeps records of all contacts and work performed.

    The Communications chair(s) creates a unified look and voice for the information that is provided to our school and local community. Duties include monthly newsletter preparation, posting of advertisements and special events on community sites and local papers, and school Facebook page updates.

    The Fundraising chair(s) is responsible for leading the fundraising events held each school year. The two main events are the Annual Appeal in the fall, a mail solicitation, and the Spring Fling, an adult party featuring a silent/live auction. Fundraising works with the Treasurers to account for all donations and related acknowledgments to donors.

    The Hospitality chair is responsible for coordinating school events throughout the year including but not limited to Open House, the annual staff appreciation dinner, the December board meeting and the Valentine’s Teacher Luncheon. S/he provides refreshments and décor, and helps communicate these events to families.

    Social coordinates group events for the children and families of Zion’s Hill Preschool. The chair(s) should be able to creatively brainstorm new event ideas and execute each event through the management of vendors, funds and Evites.