Lisa D., Wilton

Having had two years of extraordinary experience with ZHPP, teaching our son, we wanted to put into words as best we could, the reasons for our satisfaction with the school.Wilton is a fortunate place to be parents. Having raised two previous children while living in town, we were very familiar with the abundance of options available for preschoolers in the area. So, after adopting a little boy from Ethiopia in 2009, and being faced with list of concerns unique to our experience, we were very glad to be presented with so many choices.

We needed to find a school that balanced the educational catch-up that we suspected was necessary, with the challenges of socializing a little boy who found himself in a radically different environment from which he was familiar. After investigating many schools, we found Zion’s Hill and for two years have been delighted with the results.Zion’s Hill staff is wonderful. While clearly being the professional educators we were looking for, they have proven to be the warm, inclusive, loving people that our little boy needed. The school has provided a second environment where he feels completely accepted and at ease. His development has been inspiring… he is thriving in a group of exceptional children; happy, playful, and eager to learn.The school has been remarkable in helping us guide our son as he negotiates what it means to be an adopted child from a country so different from the U.S.

It is not just the respect for differences that has impressed us, but the carefully planned use of differences as learning tools. By teaching that both differences and similarities are strengths, a difficult process has been eased. In three years, our little boy has advanced to where we had five years to bring our other children: ready to enter the challenging Wilton school system. We are confident that he is ready, and excited to watch him continue to grow.

We will forever be thankful for having had the opportunity of placing our child in the care of ZHPP.

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