Elizabeth E., Wilton

Words can’t express how happy we have been with the Zion’s Hill Preschool Program 5’s class. Our youngest has a late fall birthday and we knew we wanted to give him that extra time before entering Kindergarten. Zion’s Hill has been exactly what he needed.

The class ratio of two full-time amazing teachers for 12 children allows each child to have individual attention.The teachers are able to fully embrace the play-based learning philosophy of ZHPP while at the same time really working with each child to help prepare him or her for Kindergarten – working on reading, writing, and math skills.

He is gaining so much from the various learning centers, play time, community building, and opportunities for developing independence and responsibility that are critical to young children.Every day my son is excited to go to school and at least once a week he tells me that he has the best teachers in the world. This will be his last preschool experience and to have him this happy, growing and thriving academically and socially is all that a parent can ask for. He will remember his time at ZHPP fondly and it is a year that my husband and I will treasure for him.