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The cost of providing an educational and exciting environment for each student is not covered by tuition alone.

Please make a donation today via the PayPal button to support our kids, our teachers and our future.  Thank you in advance for your kind contribution and participation.

Zion’s Hill Preschool is a 501(c) 3; all donations made to the school are tax deductible.


Zion’s Hill Preschool Program is known for its warm, nurturing staff, play-based curriculum, and amazing sense of community.  While the Administration and Board of Directors make every effort to stretch each tuition dollar, tuition simply does not cover the cost of the school’s daily operations.  As a nonprofit organization, ZHPP relies on the generosity of its families to maintain its outstanding curriculum through the Annual Appeal.

ZHPP’s daily operations budget might not sound very exciting, but it encompasses so much of what makes the school a special place for our children.  Employee salaries support our amazing and talented teachers and staff.  Rent pays for the school’s building and grounds that house our activity-filled classrooms, library, movement room, and playgrounds.  Enrichment Programs such as Spanish with Señora Vicky, yoga and music with Ms. JoAnne, and Masterpiece with Ms. Christine make school days extra special.  All of these things would not be possible without funds from the Annual Appeal.


The Annual Appeal enables ZHPP to keep its tuition affordable, thereby allowing the school to welcome as many local families as possible.  Please consider making a gift and help us reach our target of 100% school-wide participation by October 29th.  Each family can contribute to the Annual Appeal at a level that best fits their budget.  As a way to show our appreciation for donations, we are offering the following incentives:

  • Each family that participates will be entered automatically into a raffle.
  • The first class to reach 100% participation will receive a class pizza party.
  • 100% school-wide participation – A high-resolution, digital class photograph will be taken of and distributed to each class at ZHPP’s Halloween parade (the Two’s classes will have festive props for their photos).
  • $100 Donation – receive one free Early Bird certificate (a $14 value)
  • $200 Donation – receive one free Afternoon Adventure/Extension certificate (a $42 value)
  • $500 Donation – receive three free Afternoon Adventure/Extension certificates (a $126 value)


There is no limit to the number of Early Bird and Afternoon Adventure/Extension certificates a family can earn.  Donations may be tax deductible to the extent they exceed the value of the certificate(s).

Donations can be made online above or at the office with cash or check.  Please be sure to ask if your employer has a Matching Gift program!

We are grateful for the time, talent, and financial contributions of all our ZHPP families.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and commitment to ZHPP, and for supporting our children, teachers, and future.


The Board of Directors of Zion’s Hill Preschool Program