Director’s Welcome

Zion’s Hill Preschool Program has been an integral part of Wilton for over 45 years. Our play-based early educational program allows children to explore their world in a loving, nurturing environment each day. Our belief is that play is an essential component of appropriate growth and development of each child. Our teachers unite the children’s play purposefully with intentional facilitation, language and materials. Our children learn from role-playing, pretending, creative problem solving, building and designing, planning and implementing their ideas.

Our highly qualified staff will take time to ensure that each child progresses socially, emotionally, intellectually and developmentally. There is continuous goal setting for each child through evaluation and communication with families. Through this facilitation, the staff will help promote and prepare each child for the next step in his or her continuous education.

When we welcome a family into our school community, we are committed to supporting and providing assistance and resources so that each child may find success in their early childhood education. The roots of family interaction and respect run deep at Zion’s Hill. We are confident that we, the families and the school, are a team working every day for the child’s betterment.

I am delighted to be a part of Zion’s Hill Preschool Program as the Director. It is with pleasure that I help lead the extraordinary teaching staff and work with the children and families of Wilton and the surrounding area to provide quality early childhood programs. With over 16 years of experience in Early Childhood Education, I can say we are a unique and loving family-focused preschool, where the children’s early childhood educational experience is always our utmost priority.

We open our doors and invite you to visit our classrooms and experience first hand what Zion’s Hill Preschool Program will mean for your family.


Kelly Debald